iMatr Canada Inc.

iMatr Canada Inc. is a Social Purpose Organization created out of the need to improve the state of politics and government in Canada. Supported by progressive politicians and everyday people, our Democratic Technology is a place Where All Voices Meet.

Now imagine a country without a network of roads, bridges, and railway tracks. How would you get around or more simply, know where to go and how to get there?

iMatr Canada Inc. brings politics and democracies into the future, providing a network, or political social platform for Canadians, organizations and government. Surf and ride our digital network of 'roads, highways & bridges' to create instant and accountable political dialog in a new and unprecedented way. No more political 'pot holes' damaging society.

It's politics for the future where the best of technology harnesses and coordinates the best Canadians have to offer...their voice and their say!

Funded by advertising and Canadians who want to change the status quo, our non-partisan approach brings Canadian democracy into the tech age.

Secure, informative, and responsive; coordinated algorithms improve Canadians' understanding of who represents them. It's Open Data for politics supplied by Canadian stakeholders.

iMatr Canada Inc.; helping voters entrust their support to the organizations, candidates and politicians they believe in! It's iMatr at its simplest.

Have your Say... Know your politicians!

Democratic Technology for Canada

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iMatr Canada Inc.
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  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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iMatr donates all revenues over and above administration and development costs back to Canadian communities.