Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms

Effective 2019-10-08

iMatr's Scope of View feature, gives users a custom vantage point. Based on a user's profile information, it gives other users information about Canadians, and helps iMatr direct issues, News & Views that are relevant to a user's area. It creates a custom audience.

Users who do not complete their Start Up or Basic Profiles, can't be located. All that's known under these circumstances is that the user is a concerned Canadian who is somewhat interested in their democracy and politics.

To see the things that affect a user's city, town, region or province; including other demographic factors related to the user, a user must authorize iMatr to customize their audiences according to their desired Scope of View.

Without limiting any agreement between the user and iMatr, by creating any Start Up, Basic, Contact Engine or University/College profile (the "Profiles"), and clicking "Submit", users agree to the following:

    1. User's permit iMatr to take their collective profile information and use it to search and filter iMatr content (the "Filtered Data") in order to create a custom Scope of View and audience to iMatr third party advertisers.

    2. User's represent and warrant, without limiting anything in these terms, that the user has all the necessary rights and permissions, including the lawful basis to disclose and use the Filtered Data in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and electoral procedural guidelines.

    3. A user's custom Scope of View, creates their standing in a custom audience. For example, a user living in Winnipeg, Manitoba who has submitted Winnipeg and Manitoba in their profile information, has standing in the custom audience of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This custom audience is different geographically from the Vancouver, British Columbia audience. Users agree to permit iMatr to disclose profile information, including personal information in certain cases, as a member of a custom audience, to politicians, organizations, governments and university and colleges who place Ads on iMatr, only when the release of such information complies with " 5. Implicit consent and the permission users give iMatr " section of iMatr's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    4. Users who are either politicians, organizations, governments or universities and colleges, represent that all Filtered Data they receive from iMatr will be subject to these Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms and iMatr's Collective Terms (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Platform Activity Standards, Custom Scope of View Terms, Premium Services Terms).  To the extent that an user wishes to terminate their engagement with a politician, organization, government or university or college ( the "User Group"), created earlier by an iMatr platform activity, the specific user in the User Group will remove the data subject from the custom audience, and decease from contacting the user.

    5. Users permit and request iMatr to use a user's Filtered Data in a matching process to present to users their Matchmaker matches. IMatr does not store data from the matched process as it is hashed in real time in order to create and deliver up to the minute results.

    6. iMatr shares hashed filtered data created from a custom audience with other users. In the What Others Think platform activity, users opinions on issues are summarized and displayed graphically within a pie chart.

    7. Similarly, users permit and request iMatr to share their Filtered Data with their chosen custom audience of politicians when a user sets up their MyZone for politicians, and their Contact Engine.

    8. iMatr will not give access to or information about a users custom audience(s) to third parties or other advertisers, that are not the subject target of a user initiated platform activity, or unless we have a users permission to do so, or are required to do so under law. We use our user's Scope of View and custom created audiences to solely provide services to our users, in compliance with the customized views and audiences they seek.

    9. iMatr may modify, suspend or terminate access to, or discontinue the availability of, certain customized audiences or the Scope of View feature at any time. Users may discontinue their use of the Scope of View feature or their use of customized audiences at any time. By deleting some or all of the elements of a user's Profiles, users can adjust their custom audiences Scope of View or delete them entirely.

    10. Only registered users who have created a Scope of View can use the customized audience feature.

    11. Users may not sell, transfer, disseminate, publish or make available to the public, or authorize any third party to sell or transfer, customized audience information gained from iMatr without the written consent of iMatr. Customized audiences and the views, results and data they generate, are intellectual property owned by iMatr.

These Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms, and to the extent applicable, the other Collective Terms, govern the provision by users of Filtered Data, to iMatr, and the use of, by users of the customized audience feature and it's Filtered Data. These Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms, do not replace any terms applicable to a user's purchase of advertising or hosting services and Products from iMatr. For user's conducting Ad campaigns to customized audiences, These Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms and the Collective Terms apply. In the event of any conflict between the Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms and the Collective Terms, these Custom Scope of View (Audience) Terms will govern solely with respect to a user's use of custom audiences generated by the user's Scope of View, to the extent of the conflict.

iMatr reserves the right to monitor or audit a user's compliance with these terms and the user's uses of iMatr's intellectual property, and to update these terms from time to time.