Ethical Design

Mission Statement

iMatr has a responsibility to its’ shareholders, stakeholders, staff and most importantly its users to provide accurate, transparent and responsible information.

As a tool and a resource, each citizen and user maintains control on their ability to choose a meaningful experience. iMatr believes it’s imperative that Canadians create and maintain a shared sense of reality while they seek, navigate and learn from their online presence.

Without question, no user experience is the same. iMatr users control their interactions by setting and selecting their unique preferences and interests.

Regardless of the platform activities conducted, iMatr will not manipulate, capitalize or provide a user unsolicited content.

Consequently, iMatr does not monetize user information nor their interactions, to hidden or unidentified non-governmental organizations, nor do we provide any data concerning our users to third party private interest groups.

iMatr does however, work hard to maintain its founding principals and purpose. Our user's data is designed to be used and purchased by organizations hosting or linking to issues, politicians, political parties, governments and indigenous governments, to better understand constituents, citizens and the overall needs on what's important to Canadians.

iMatr Canada Inc., is committed to non-partisanship information exchange by providing equal access and opportunity to all users.

Experiences directed by users is what drives us, but it's our content that defines us.

So why is this important? Have a look...